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Pharma Design was the first 'pharma-only' artwork origination specialist company in the UK —experience and expertise— a better artwork service, faster and greater accuracy

Pharmaceutical artworks & packaging design –
Specialists in providing pharmaceutical packaging artworks for the pharmaceutical, biotech and healthcare industry

Over-the-Counter (OTC) Medicinal Product Packaging – designed for the patient

With more medicines switching to Over-the-Counter (OTC) and an ongoing drive of the NHS Self Care initiative, there is a greater need for functional and informative Over-the-Counter (OTC) packaging design.

  • Pharmaceutical packaging branding
  • Package design branding
  • Package design branding
  • Package design branding

We provide a creative design service for OTC and dispensed medicinal packaging, including Medical Devices. We can create and develop the branding from new or we can take existing designs and MA Holder artwork to create new or revised OTC designs.

Pharmaceutical clients can benefit from; PAGB compliant designs, our strict Quality Assurance and control procedures for each artwork, including OTC and Medical Device products submitted in multiple languages and markets.

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Stand out from the crowd, appeal to the customer

We can bring greater shelf appeal to your target audience while making sure your Over-the-Counter (OTC) packaging can stand out from the crowd and make an impact whilst meeting regulatory and market-specific compliance.

We effectively communicate your critical consumer healthcare information, dosage and self-medication directions to the customer which may have been previously conveyed by the pharmacist or doctor.

We also offer support and assistance for product switches and name changes, including Prescription Only Medicines (POM) to P and P to GSL.

OTC Branding services from Pharma Design

  • PAGB compliant designs
  • Realistic 3D pack shots
  • Consumer research & strategy
  • Brand guidelines, labelling systems, symbols and pictograms
  • Support healthcare material – for consumers
  • Support training material – for healthcare professionals (HCP)
  • 3D animation – to demonstrate the package in use

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MHRAAvailability of medicines external link

General Sale List (GSL)
Medicines that can be bought, for example, in a supermarket. They are suitable for sale and normal use without supervision or advice from a pharmacist or doctor.
Pharmacy (P)
Medicines that can only be obtained from a pharmacy and are sold under the supervision of a pharmacist.
Prescription only medicines (POM)
Must be prescribed by a doctor, dentist, pharmacist or nurse independent prescriber or, subject to certain limitations, an optometrist independent prescriber.

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